Flat Stanley Autism Acceptance Project

maxresdefaultASI Autism Acceptance Flat Stanley Project

In an effort to spread Autism Awareness and Acceptance throughout all 99 counties of Iowa and beyond, the Autism Society of Iowa is incorporating the help of our very own Autism Acceptance Flat Stanley sparked by the book Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown.

In the book, Stanley Lambchop is flattened by a falling bulletin board. Being flat, however, is not all bad for Stanley. His parents are able to put him in a large envelope and mail him to friends in California.

The Autism Society of Iowa would like you to help spread Autism Awareness and Acceptance throughout Iowa by personalizing your very own Autism Acceptance Flat Stanley! Decorate Flat Stanley as is or copy on to card stock and embellish however you would like, cut out, and glue the front to the back. Take Flat Stanley with you to your favorite Iowa landmark or event, and snap a photograph with yourself, friends, and/or family. Then we would like you to post your picture to the Autism Society of Iowa Facebook page along with your location and any other information you would like to share! If you need more templates, downloadable Flat Stanley images can be found under “Photos” or by clicking here.

We will share all posts on Flat Stanley Fridays! We are hoping to get photos posted from all 99 Iowa Counties by the end of April as that is Autism Awareness Month! Travel to http://www.flatstanleybooks.com for activities, global facts, and videos.


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